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The ICT training at NYP in Singapore was sponsered by the bureau of Special Education, The office of Basic Education Commision, Education Ministry, Thailand.  There were 53 Thai teachers from welfare schools participated in this ICT training. The contents of the training were about making vedio, flash and website for learning.  Mr. Tommy, Ms Tan and Mr. Vincent Phua were trainers. The training took 5 days at the Communication School, NYP.  Mr. Sumol Mornkai, the director of Rajprachanukro 26, Lumphun was the the leader. Ms. Yupa (Pa Nok) was the co-coordinator.



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10 responses to “ICT Training at NYP

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  1. น่ากันมากเลยจนลืมเมืองไทยเลยนะ

  2. enjoy for everyone !!!!

  3. It very nicy.

  4. The pink team. P’ oiy so smart.

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