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Skepta-Hold on

**Whenever you feel like letting go and you've got your back against the wall. Hold on. Hold on.
Cause you gonna take a few low blows, and I know you feel those broken bones. Just hold on, hold on.
Cause you'r undefeatable. You are undefeatable.**

First place never settle for less,
what's the point in trying if you ain't trying your best. (Huh)
They wanna see me six feet under but I'm watching my steps. Now everybody watching me like jay-Z watching the nets. (Swish)
Don't see myself on a skateboard, but stay on my grind.
Aiming for the top and I won't stop till I cross that finish line the blind.
So if I can't hear them scheming, I still see the signs.

**** I never count the day I make the day count.
They wanna take my crown. So I swim when they wanna see me crown, smile when they wanna see me frown,
stand up when they wanna see me down.
New and improved attitude you don't wanna see me now.****

They said I can't do it, but I did it.
Now they love me all over the world cause they sat my style is so prolific.
If I said it I live it.
The black Scott diss it.
Fresh haircut and a brand new suit life up,
the trophy and kiss it. (Repeat **)

Tell the paparazzi I'm going in tonight.
And if anybody wanna stop ne there gonna need some kryptonite.
I don't mean to sound impolite,
but I've been sitting here waiting my turn.
So if you still don't know what a boy better know better watch and learn.
I let my left foot rest on the side only my right foot touching the pedal.
Losing is not an option so I know I've got to come with something special.
I'm a winner JME on my neck that's my gold medal.
I was underground. Now it's time to take this shit to another level.
(Repate ****)

I got nothing to prove I sit back looking at they gonna from birdseye view then I make my move. Never take my foot off the gas. I'm a go hard till I blow that fuse,
Cause the moment you feel like giving up that's the moment you lose.
(Repeat **)

1. defeatable = ลบล้างได้
2. scheming = เจ้าเล่ห์เพทุบาย
3. drown = จมน้ำ
4. frown = หน้านิ่วคิ้วขมวด, หน้าบูดหน้าบึ้้ง
5. prolific = อุดมสมบูรณ์
6. give up = ยกเลืก


Posted November 23, 2012 by kruoiysmarteng

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